University of Law

Location: London,Birmingham, Bristol, Chester,Guildford, Leeds,Manchester, Nottingham

Intakes: Jan & Sept

University Programmes

UOL has the following faculties under UG, PG 

About University of law

Established as the College of Law in 1962, The University of Law traces its origin back to 1876 when Gibson & Weldon, a leading tutorial firm, was formed. Having achieved university status in 2012, the institute is the largest law school in the U.K. It also became the first for-profit educational institution in the country. Their point of focus is to teach students in a realistic and contemporary context including interactive engagement and practical knowledge. Their practice-based training opens up an array of career options and the institute’s legal vacancy database.

The university has a total of 15 locations across the U.K. and Hong Kong. They are modern, well-equipped establishments located close to commercial complexes, public transport terminals and popular law firms. In the U.K., the campus locations are Manchester, Bristol, Chester, Birmingham, Guildford, London Moorgate, Leeds, Bloomsbury, London and Nottingham. The Birmingham campus is nestled in the heart of the city which is one of the greatest places to live and work. There are plenty of law firms in Birmingham which is a great source of exposure and inspiration for students. The Hong Kong campus is the latest and the city has more than 900 law firms which open up a lot of opportunities for students.

Students at the university experience a vibrant social life as members of the Student Association. They can join a Student Association Events Committee and come up with new programmes or incorporate activities including sports, theatre, dancing and quiz nights. There are approximately 8000 students enrolled at the university. Out of these 8000 students, around 7000 are taking up postgraduate programmes while the remaining 1000 are enrolled in undergraduate courses. There are students belonging from 120 plus nationalities studying at the university which welcomes candidates from all across the globe. There is also an Employability Service Team and a Student Employability Programme that works with students increasing their employability.

There are over 64,000 alumni associated with the university ever since it was established. The College and University of Law Alumni Network keep everyone in touch and updated with what is happening in the university. Some of the notable alumni include Archbishop of Wales – John Davies, Malawian Member of Parliament – Atupele Muluzi, former CEO of Barclays – John Varley, professional cricketer and solicitor – Anurag Singh and UK Member of Parliament for North Down – Sylvia Hermon. In the creative field, American musician Margaret Fiedler McGinnis is one of the founding members of UK Indie groups Laika and Moonshake

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