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Why Choose Us?

KIEC is one of the leading global educational consultancies (trademarked) and is a one-stop solution for study abroad and test preparation. We represent some of the best universities and university partners in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. We are one of the largest international students recruiters, sending them for higher education across various destinations. Thousands of students have been able to fulfill their dream of studying abroad at reputed universities through us. Students and parents choose us for our professionalism, dedication, reliability and work ethics. We offer quality in each and every service we provide. Our experience and team efforts have taken us from local to global platforms. We are now the most trusted and the most visited educational consultancy in Nepal and Australia. We are also the only consultancy to be listed in Wikipedia in Nepal.

We believe in technology and utilize the latest technologies to increase efficiency in the workplace and maintain our strong market presence. We use Cloud-based computing techniques, and utilize applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Uniagents CRM to communicate with education providers as well as students and their parents. Furthermore, we highly employ Search Engine Optimization methods, which mean we rank highly in Google Searches.

Our academic counselors are highly qualified, experienced and trained. One individual counselor looks after only one study abroad department i.e. Australia or UK or Canada or New Zealand or USA. Most of our counselors who look after one study destination are graduated from the very country. Because of this they know very well about all the aspects of study abroad and most importantly the challenges students might have to face while studying and living out of their country. 

We are also equally popular for language and test preparation classes. Our trained and extremely qualified language instructors help students succeed in learning languages, especially English, and help them crack more than the required score in language tests.

Looking for the Right Advice?

Speak with the experienced team at KIEC Global to get guidance on your education pathway and plans.

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